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When hurricane Sandy hit the eastern United States in 2012, a ripple effect occurred with global travel. Flights from virtually everywhere on the planet were either delayed or cancelled entirely. Business travelers felt this impact particularly, and scrambled to find options. With ABT as your ultimate travel partner, business travelers are able to quickly contact an experienced travel representative and determine the best options in the event of an emergency involving delays, cancellations, or sudden changes in plans


The afterhours support service from ABT is one of the differentiating factors in its business travel solutions. You may need to change a flight, extend a rental car reservation, or use a different hotel. In any case, ABT is available at any time to help you to determine the best choices and make the necessary adjustments to your travel itinerary. Anywhere, Anytime
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency travel support, the ABT 24/7 team is on call and staffed with highly trained and experienced agents who know about the nuances and challenges in the world of travel. The experience of a trained agent can help you navigate through issues with airlines, hotel rooms, international law, and other challenges. At the same time, ABT is able to validate compliance with your corporate travel policies to make sure everything is followed according to your specific company guidelines and rules. The ABT Management System
The foundational tool for all travel arrangements is the ABT management system. This software allows ABT and your company to electronically manage all travel activities and accurately record all transactions. ABT also electronically validates bookings against your business policies to keep expenses in control and business rules enforced properly. Always available from any internet enabled connection, the ABT software stands as another expert partner along with ABT to deliver superior travel services regardless of your company location or your travel destinations.

Available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week for
emergency travel support.

The ABT 24/7 team
is always on call
and staffed with
highly trained
and experienced