Privacy Policy

ABT Respects users’ privacy on the website it manages and operates, and therefore is publishing its policy in regards to the protection of users’ privacy on the website. The current page explains the company’s practices in regards to its users’ privacy on the website, and how the company uses the data that is provided by them and data collected while they browse the website.


During your visit to our website, information is collected about you. Some of the information identifies you personally, e.g. by name and by address. This is information that you provide knowingly, for example, when you sign up for services on the websites. Some of the information does not identify you personally and is not kept together with your personal details. This is aggregated statistical information, for example, ads that you read on the site, pages you visited, offers and services that interested you, the IP address from which you visited, and other information.

Registration for services

To the extent that personal details are required during your registration for services on the websites or when purchasing products on those websites, the company will only ask you for the information directly required for the provision of those services or for the purchase of those products.


Data that has been collected is stored on the company’s database and under its care.

Use of information

Information that has been collected will only be used pursuant to this privacy policy or as required by law, in order to:

Direct electronic communication

he company would like to send you e-mail messages from time to time regarding its services, as well as marketing and advertising information. This information will only be sent to you if you have given your express consent to such correspondence, and you may cancel your approval and cease to receive it at any time. The company will not provide your personal details to advertisers. However it may pass on statistical data regarding the activity of users on its websites. Statistical information that is passed on will not identify you personally.

Provision of information to third parties

The company will not transfer your personal details and the information collected regarding your activities on the website to third parties, except in the following cases:


The company employs modern systems and procedures for information security in its websites. While these systems and procedures reduce the risk of unauthorized entry, they do not provide absolute security. For this reason the company does not commit that its services are completely impervious to unauthorized access to the data that they store.

Right to view information

According to the Privacy Protection Law of 1981, any person may view the information stored about them in a database. Any person who has viewed the information about him or her and found that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or outdated may request that the database owner correct the data or erase it. Furthermore, if the information in the company’s database is used for personal communications with you, you may, according to the Privacy Protection Law of 1981, demand in writing that the information about you be erased from the database.

Changes to the privacy policy

The company may, at its discretion, make changes to its privacy policy. To the extent that such changes are made, the company will publish them and will update its privacy policy.

ABT Respects users'
privacy on the
website it manages.