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Medical Treatments

Medical Treatment abroad with Amsalem Medical

A.M. as a multinational group offer its customers from around the world advanced medical treatments, along with a professional case management service in a handpicked selection of destinations. 

Global presence- Medical destinations 

AM possesses expertise in facilitating the most advanced medical treatments in several destinations around the world. 

Each destinations holds its unique characteristics such as: the presence of specific medical technologies, clinical and research practice, price level, special services, language and others. 

Our experience and global presence providing high flexibility for AM‘s patients to receive tailored-made and extremely advanced treatments in a cost effective way. 

Services are provided by ABT-Global branches in: Israel, USA, UK, Turkey, Mexico, India. 

The most common fields of treatments: oncology, pediatric oncology, cardiology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, urology, gynecology etc. 

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Who we are?
Amsalem Medical (A.M.) is a subsidiary of ABT-Global Group, with credibility and proven reputation of over 30 years.
One of our most common medical destinations with world-class  is Israel.
According to an authoritative annual report (The Medical Tourism Index MTI) Israel ranks as one of the world’s top destinations for foreigners to receive high quality medical care.
Israel offers cutting-age innovative treatments, wide selection of advanced JCI hospitals, world prominent physicians – pioneers in their respective fields, best patient’s experience and customer service, competitive costs and multi-lingual staff.
Tele-radiology and tele-pathology technological platform and clinical support.
MSO platform – providing remote medical second opinion by top physicians in accordance to our destinations , via secure technologically advanced platforms.

A.M. has
developed a unique
specialists network

A.M. staff is
professionally trained
and has a vast experience, providing optimal personal solutions to
each and every patient