Our Business Travel Planning - Products & Services

ABT offers a comprehensive travel solution that can be tailored to your specific and unique business requirements. Whether you require a localized travel agency or a global travel provider, ABT is able to scale and adjust according to your company.

The products and services provided by ABT include:

Fully Enabled Travel Management Software Solution

  • Connects your business to the premier travel software industry tool for corporation
  • Online travel management including search, procurement, planning and either self-booking or agent-assisted services
  • Expense management to validate compliance with business travel policies, approval routing, and personal expense reimbursement options
  • Robust reporting services to help in analyzing issues, fine tuning business travel policies, and tracking trends on travel purchases
  • All flights including low cost carriers, hotels including Expedia, HRS, car hire, trains including Eurostar and Evolvi.
Travel Planning

Superior Personalized Customer Services

  • On call professional travel support staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Expedient resolution to crisis situations such as cancelled flights, emergencies, etc.
  • Global support from anywhere in the world to help with any travel related issues
  • Event planning services to coordinate arrivals and departures according to your event itinerary, and negotiations for the best hotel and conference facility rates

Superior Personalized Customer Services

  • Discuss the unique travel needs for your company and evaluate your previous travel history and experiences.
  • Provide viable options for establishing reasonable travel policies that will provide significant cost savings while also insuring maximum productivity and efficiency for your employees and other travelers
  • Assist in establishing a corporate travel profile and facilitate the integration of online travel software for your company.
  • Continuously work with your business to make sure you are receiving the maximum return on your travel investments.
  • Provide research and analysis on travel trends and opportunities to help in fine tuning your business travel policies.

ABT has a complete service available for businesses that need a real travel management solution. As your ultimate partner for travel services, ABT is available at any time to work with your business.

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